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Agile metrics are measurements used to track the progress and performance of an agile project or engagement. They can include metrics such as velocity (the rate at which a team completes work), lead time (the time it takes to complete a piece of work), and cycle time (the time it takes to complete a process). Agile metrics are important for measuring success on agile engagements because they provide visibility into the progress and performance of the team and can help identify areas for improvement. Additionally, they can help stakeholders understand the teams' (or team of teams) progress and can be used to make data-driven decisions.

Commonly Used Agile Metrics ...

The following metrics are used in conjunction with other metrics specific to an organization's vision and objectives and mapped to key results (commonly referred to as OKRs). Effectively tracking metrics means staying within the context and avoiding drawing wrong conclusions.
Agile Metrics

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The most commonly used agile metrics include:

  • Velocity: This measures the amount of work a team completes in a specific time frame, such as a sprint. It is often used to predict the amount of work a team can complete in future sprints.
  • Lead time: This measures the time it takes for a piece of work to be completed, from when it is first identified to when it is delivered.
  • Cycle time: This measures the time it takes for a process to be completed, from when it is initiated to when it is completed.
  • Burn-down/Burn-up charts:  Visual representations of the amount of work remaining in a sprint or project. Burn-down charts show the remaining work over time, while burn-up charts show the total work completed over time.
  • Defect density: This measures the number of defects (bugs or errors) in a product or system, typically as a ratio of the number of defects to the number of lines of code.
  • Test coverage: This measures the percentage of code that has been tested.
  • User satisfaction: This measures how satisfied users are with the product or system being developed.
  • Code review: Measures the time it takes for code review and the number of code review comments.

Agile Metrics Engagement Request

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