Agile Assessments

Agile assessments are valuable when starting agile engagements because they help organizations understand their current state of agility and identify areas for improvement. While it is common for Agile assessments to be delivered at the team level, we recommend a multi-layer approach, including the program and enterprise levels. Our assessments typically involve interviews, surveys, and observations to gather data on the organization's processes, culture, and capabilities. The results gathered from assessments can then be used to create a customized plan for adopting and implementing agile practices, improving collaboration, increasing transparency, and ultimately driving business value. Additionally, assessments help identify potential roadblocks or challenges addressed during the implementation process.
Agility Assessments

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Top Benefits of Assessments...

  • Improved alignment: Agile assessments can help teams align their work with the organization's strategic objectives by identifying clear goals and priorities.
  • Increased collaboration: Assessments can help teams identify any communication and collaboration issues and provide guidance on how to improve these areas.
  • Increased transparency: Assessments can help teams increase visibility into their work, allowing them to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities: Assessments can help teams clarify roles and responsibilities, which can improve their ability to deliver value.
  • Identify potential roadblocks: Assessments can help teams identify any potential roadblocks or challenges that may need to be addressed during the implementation process, which can help to ensure a successful agile transformation.
  • Informed decision-making: Agile assessments provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of the team and organization, which helps in making informed decisions when it comes to implementing agile methodologies and practices.
  • Improved performance: By identifying and addressing any issues or gaps, teams can improve their overall performance and deliver more value to the organization.
  • Identify areas of improvement: Assessments can help teams identify areas of improvement, which can guide the team's focus and efforts to improve the process and deliverables.
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Agile Assessments

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